Monet will guide you powerfully into loving actions 


A Soul Tender

A Feelings Guru

I am the wellness coach for guiding you towards falling in love with yourself, on your way to the best version of yourself, thriving in all parts of your life. 

I will guide you to creatively design the path to vitality in your physical, emotional and mental body.


  • 8 years professional coaching experience

  • Additional training under two doctors in psychology for the past two years.

  • B.A. in Sociology from the University of California Berkeley, with a concentration in health. I have formed a unique marriage of social equality, empowerment and well being.

  • ACE certified group fitness instructor


  • Desire based and transformational coaching

  • Non-violent communication as well as

  • Trauma informed care

  • Weekly in person and/or phone coaching

My Clients

You are looking to build a more loving relationship with yourself, your body and your life

You are feeling stuck around food and feelings

You are ready to transform your life and step into new ways of being with yourself and in the world.

My Mission

I am out for you

to live an enlivened and fulfilled life,

in your body and life.

Love yourself.

Love your body.

Love your life.


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